Will I Attract Women If I Own a Dog?

Dog OwnerWhen it comes to attracting women, men are always looking for whatever advantage they can get, whether it’s a sports car, a wedding ring, or a dog. It doesn’t matter whether any of these things actually work—as long as there are amorous or horny men, these tricks will be tested over and over again. As far as whether or not these tricks work, having a dog in particular may give guys just a little bit of a boost when it comes to approaching, or being approached by, desirable women.

If nothing else, a dog is a great conversation starter, and guys generally are happy for any help they can get to start a conversation with a beautiful woman. Some guys even take it to the extreme, training their dogs to do goofy tricks or to run up to pretty girls in the hopes of being pet (on second thought, they might just pick up the latter behavior from observing their owners). Guys have even been known to borrow or rent dogs to take to the beach or the dog park in the hopes of meeting women.

How do dogs bring men and women together?

Dog ownership forces a man to actually get off his butt and go out into the world. Whether he’s playing Frisbee with the dog on the beach, walking the dog in the park, or just taking the dog to the vet, his four-legged friend is helping to put a man in a place where women often are.

Dogs, for the most part, are cute. Women, for the most part, like cute, so they might come over for a closer look at your dog. If, by any chance you are also cute, your dog has just pretty well set you up with a woman. On behalf of your dog, “You’re welcome.”

What does owning a dog say about a man?

A cynical person might say that owning a dog means that you are guaranteed to spend some portion of every day waiting for another living being to poop. While waiting is something every man can expect to do a lot of in a relationship, it’s not necessarily that aspect of the man/dog relationship that attracts women. More than anything else, owning a dog shows women that a man is capable of caring about something other than himself; unless of course he only owns the dog to attract women, in which case he’s just as self-centered as the average man.

There is something paternal about the man/dog relationship and this fact is not lost on most women. When a man shows the ability to care for a dog, many women immediately extrapolate that sensitivity to mean that the man would be a good father. While a woman may not be consciously looking for the future father of her children, it subconsciously pleases her to see a guy who might be good with kids.

Do more women like dogs or cats?

The traditional wisdom has always been that men like dogs and women like cats, but it turns out that the research doesn’t exactly support that. A survey conducted by Lifetime Network of women between the ages of 18 and 49 who own pets showed that 51% owned dogs and 33% owned cats. The website Petfinder.com also indicated that more households in general own dogs rather than cats.

A lot of women like both dogs and cats, as well as most other animals. Even cat-loving women usually like dogs at least a little bit. For this reason, a guy can be pretty confident that, if he has a dog, he’ll be on pretty solid ground with most women.

Does the type of dog matter?

For women who like dogs, any dog will usually be good, but there is probably a particular breed that appeals to her. Maybe she grew up with a Cocker Spaniel, or maybe she loves the little Chihuahua from “Legally Blonde,” or maybe she likes the protective nature of a German Shepherd. With all of the infinite possibilities, trying to guess the right breed of dog would be impossible for most guys, so it’s best not to worry about it.

One thing men should keep in mind, though, is that some dog and owner combinations look really ridiculous. If you’re a big, brawny guy looking to attract a woman, a toy poodle is not the right way to go. You’ll need a big, wolf-like dog, maybe a Malamute or a Husky. On the other hand, if you’re a smaller guy, a big dog like that might make you look small, which usually isn’t a good thing either.

Of all the silly things that men do to attract women, having a dog might actually be one that works. Still, dogs are a huge commitment and responsibility, so you wouldn’t want to get one just to impress the chicks. If you do love dogs, though, walking your dog might just put you in the right place at the right time. You dog might catch the right woman’s eye and tell her all the right things about you so that you are well on your way to a great relationship, or at least a great time.