Why Do Men Cheat?

While it’s no big secret that most men think about sex pretty much all of the time, not every guy goes out and cheats on his girlfriend, even if their sex life is non-existent or frequented by yawns. The reality is, however, that plenty of guys do give into their wandering eye, which has prompted women for generations to ask “Why do men cheat?” While it may be tempting to blame it all on genetics, the fact is that there are several answers to this age-old question.

What constitutes cheating?

Of course, to answer why men cheat, you have to determine what exactly constitutes cheating first. If your girlfriend thinks fantasizing about another woman while you’re enjoying some “alone time” is cheating, well, then every guy on planet earth is a cheater. Based on this definition of adultery, the answer to why men “cheat” is because they’re alive.

Other women might argue that flirting or talking with another girl at a bar is cheating. On the other hand, some girls may give a guy a pass if he was hammered and kissed a girl for just a moment, before coming to his monogamous senses. Other girls–and these ones are rare–may not really care unless their man goes all the way with another woman.

While the definition of cheating can vary, it’s safe to say that most women will be far from thrilled if their boyfriend engages in any activity that involves the exchanging of bodily fluids with another girl. Let’s just go with that.

Is the relationship a nightmare?

One of the main reasons men–or women, for that matter–cheat is because they’re in an awful relationship. Although most women don’t think that makes it right for their man to “play the field”, and it won’t fly in a divorce court either, men who are getting nagged 24/7, insulted daily, and shown zero affection are much more likely to stray. In fact, women who are in brutal relationships are also prime candidates to cheat, particularly if their boyfriend is an unappreciative and controlling jerk.

Depending on the circumstances, and whether the person has truly given up on the relationship, cheating folks often have a way of finding each other. Isn’t that romantic? After all, there’s less chance of getting caught if both people have no intention of leaving their partner and don’t want to fess up to the indiscretion.

Is she putting out at home?

Why do men cheat? Well, if they’re getting no love at home, as in regular or even bi-monthly sex, then some guys will start looking elsewhere to “soothe” their cravings. Some men may not be actively seeking out some action on the side, but if their wife or girlfriend isn’t giving it up, then the next attractive offer that comes their way may be too hard to pass up. While most folks don’t think a dormant bedroom gives a man the right to cheat, they’d likely agree that it sure doesn’t help.

Of course, another reason men end up cheating is because the sex that they are having with their girlfriend or wife isn’t exactly ringing their bell anymore. As anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship probably understands, keeping sex fresh or even interesting isn’t always easy, what with work, family life, or having to see the same naked body day after day. Once again, a vanilla sex life may not make cheating right, but some dudes might not pass on a chance to fulfill a fantasy if it comes knocking.

Did she cheat on him first?

Another big reason men cheat is for revenge. If his significant other went out and banged another guy first, then plenty of guys will see that as a “get out of jail free” card and look to return the favor. In fact, some men may not be able to get over their woman’s affair without stepping out on the relationship as well. If a guy’s really been hoping to sow a few oats elsewhere, he might even be glad that his girlfriend cheated just so he can go use the old “but you did it first” defense.

Does he get off on being bad?

Some men just can’t be monogamous and get off on being bad: plain and simple. While 99% of women hope that their “Mr. Right” isn’t one of these guys, unfortunately for them, the earth is populated with quite a few.

Yes, one could delve into a chronic cheater’s upbringing or past relationships to try to understand why they can’t keep it in their pants, but that might not bring much comfort. Many men like this love their wives or girlfriends very much and are quite happy in their relationship, but they’re just unable to do the whole monogamy thing when it comes to sex.

What does he do for a living?

While a man’s career doesn’t outright determine whether he can remain faithful to his wife or girlfriend, let’s face it, it has a pretty big impact. In other words, if a man makes tons of money, is famous, and has young, hot women trying to entice him every second day, he might just cave in and do the unthinkable. Sure, some men have an iron will and won’t stray no matter what, but it’s a lot easier to give up sweet, delicious treats if they’re not being hand-delivered to your door every night.