Why are Women So Jealous?

Of all the things that women are known for, jealousy is one of the most common. Greek tragedies, Shakespearian plays, and Jerry Springer-like daytime television all expound on the green-eyed monster of jealousy that is said to be the realm of womanhood. It’s one of those stereotypes that transcends time and space.

It is true that women are jealous, though whether women or men are the most jealous is up for debate. However, the comparisons between female and male jealousy is a matter for another time. Women’s jealousy springs from a number of different sources; some are scientific in nature, others are just because it’s fun.

Biological Sources for a Woman’s Jealousy?

In terms of biology and the survival of the fittest, jealousy serves women well. It’s all about passing the genes onto the next generation. If a woman is with a man, then he is part of the plan of getting her DNA into children and helping to ensure that those children survive—from a biological standpoint, of course.

Back in the day, a man was a necessity to find food and shelter and protect the children from predators like the sea monsters seen on ancient maps. A woman who is nine months pregnant has a hard time running down a deer for dinner or fighting off a wolf pack that wants to eat the kids.

While the dangerous factors that made life so perilous long ago are no longer really there, the behavior traits that allowed women to survive those dangers are still present. This is why women are jealous of other women.

If a man’s attention is diverted by another woman, then that man is spending less time contributing to the welfare and safety of the first woman and her offspring. This lowers the chances of the offspring surviving and the genes being passed on. While he’s off making time with the cave lady down the street, some of his time and energy are being diverted away from the first woman and her children.

It’s also why a woman is jealous of anything else that takes away a man’s attention. It’s why women are jealous of a man’s friends, his mother, golf, his job, his car, football, and all of his hobbies.

Some would argue that a woman’s jealousy that results from a man spending time elsewhere is really about him not spending time with her, as if women are prone to being self-centered. Let’s stay within the realm of reality, people!

Societal Sources for Women’s Jealousy?

Biological reasons are not the only scientific rationale for women’s jealousy. There is another, and its scientific name is the Men Be Triflin’ Phenomena. Excessive studies have been conducted, and it has been proven that men are indeed triflin’. Hence the name, duh.

Women are jealous because men just can’t be trusted. They are shady at every turn. A woman’s only recourse to discover the real truth is to act jealous. Jealous behavior such as snooping through a man’s cell phone, checking his pockets, and following him in secret invariably will turn up dirt if there is dirt to be found.

Men lie, tell half-truths, and omit important information. It’s up to a woman to uncover the duplicity by acting in a jealous manner and keeping a man on his toes. Men creep, mess around, screw around, cheat, and step out, but there are a lot of different reasons why men act this way. Again, the source of a man’s triflin’ nature is a matter for another time.

Other Reasons Why Women Get Jealous?

However, there is one more reason for women’s jealousy. It’s mostly about the ladies keeping their street cred, that’s all. If women didn’t act jealous, then there wouldn’t be great sayings like “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

If women didn’t act jealous, then they would lose the reputation of being jealous; then the man-woman dynamic would be flipped on its head and time just might stand still.

Women must act jealous even if they aren’t really feeling jealous, or else the reputation will die out. Just like the police constantly patrol a neighborhood or block to discourage crime, so too must a woman act jealous to keep her partner on the straight and narrow. If a man didn’t think that his woman was jealous and watching his every move, then he would probably do much worse things than he would normally do.

Furthermore, women know that most men really like the whole jealousy thing anyway. It’s a boost to every man’s ego to know that his woman cares enough to want to keep him all to herself. No woman would sink so low as to deny a man the full potential of his ego. If anything, women are generous as well as jealous!