Why Are Lesbians So Attractive To Men?

Two LesbiansAsk a woman what she thinks of two gay men having sex and the response might be anything from generally ambivalent acceptance to “Ewww.” Ask a man about two women having sex and the response will almost always invariably be “Can I watch?” Let’s face it: Lesbians are hot.

Why are men so obsessed with lesbians? Technically, the idea of lesbianism should be really irritating to men because it takes not one, but two, eligible women off the market. Still, there are reasons why men might not mind the idea of a woman who prefers the company of other women.

Do men think they can “turn” lesbians?

The prevailing opinion of the average man when they see a lesbian is that she just hasn’t been with a real man yet. If the lesbian in question is particularly appealing to a man, he will see the woman who she’s with as a kind of placeholder, just keeping the other, lesser men away until he can make his move. It doesn’t matter if the man really has no chance on earth of even making a move, never mind how unlikely he is to be successful, as long as the theoretical possibility of winning the woman over exists, the man will be happy.

Ironically, the more “hardcore lesbian” the woman is, the more attractive she may become to a man. There are a lot of women a man wouldn’t look twice at on the street who suddenly become almost the object of obsession when he realizes that they’re lesbians. The rough-and-tough biker chick lesbian is a notch that just about any guy would be proud to have on his headboard.

There is also a belief that women are “driven” to lesbianism by bad or inadequate men in their life. This creates the opportunity for a man to “rescue” the lesbian and bring her back to the realm of men-loving women. In general, men love a challenge, and a lesbian represents the type of challenge that lets them prove their manhood.

Does the idea of a threesome make men think lesbians are attractive?

In the male sexual psyche, there are few words that carry as much reverence as the word “threesome.” When a man sees a lesbian couple, he knows he’s two-thirds of the way there to that Holy Grail of sexual adventures, the threesome. Most men imagine that they would be the perfect cream filling for the delectable feminine sandwich cookie he sees before him.

Reality once again has nothing to do with male perception in this case. Believe it or not, most lesbian couples are not running around looking for that perfect man to complete their trio—most are pretty much done with men in general. Still, hope springs eternal, and most men will get “sprung” at the possibility of joining two lesbians for a threesome.

Does pornography make men think lesbians are attractive?

Men have kind of a strange relationship with pornography at times. Most men love to watch hardcore sex, but the problem with hardcore porn is that, well, there are guys in it. Whether for reasons of homophobia or fears that they won’t “measure up,” or just generally not liking the sight of naked men, the guy in porn videos can be a buzz-kill to men. Lucky for them, there’s lesbian porn.

Lesbian porn gives guys the best of both worlds—nothing but beautiful women on the screen, but plenty of hardcore action. As a matter of fact, this type of porn by definition features double the amount of women that you find in straight porn. Since men in general tend to watch more than a little bit of porn, it’s not surprising that, when they hear about lesbians, their first thought is of “Where the Boy’s Aren’t, Part 6” or “Cheerleaders in Heat 9.”

Does the idea of “forbidden fruit” make men more attracted to lesbians?

This is a human thing, not a man thing, but people in general always seem to want what they can’t have. It’s the reason why the minute you see your ex with a new love, you suddenly realize what a fool you were to let them go and convince yourself that you’ll never be happy without them.

When a man sees a lesbian, it’s like she’s wearing a big sign that says “You can’t have this,” and that makes him want her even more. Incidentally, it’s the same principle that attracts people to those who are already married.

The whole unattainable image is enhanced by the fact that lesbians sometimes seem hostile towards men. The more hostile they seem, the more the man wants them.

Where there are lesbians, there will be men drooling over them. Whether it’s male ego, unrealistic fantasy, or just the desire for what they can’t have, men have their reasons for wanting lesbians. Now if only lesbians wanted them back…