What Drives a Married Man Wild?

Any woman other than his wife! In all seriousness, many, many articles have been written about the way to satisfy the sexual cravings of married men and men in general. With a large percentage of married men and women indulging in extramarital affairs, it behooves partners of both genders to pay at least a little more attention to the things that might keep their mates happy and satisfied in their own bedrooms.

What often happens in a long-term relationship is that couples get complacent about a number of things, including sex. Men and women who are confined to monogamous partnerships have a tendency to become bored with their bedroom antics over time. In contrast, newly married couples have sex as often as three to four times a week.

This physical lust for a new spouse naturally diminishes over time. Researchers claim that as many as one in five U.S. couples have sex fewer than ten times in a single year. Many more couples have apparently thrown love right out the window, as there are an estimated 20 million marriages in the United States alone where spouses exist without any physical contact whatever.

Not only has sex disappeared from these marriages, but so has hugging, kissing, or any form of affectionate touching. What is the old saying? You can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink? Well it seems to be high time not only to get the old stallions back to the stream, but to entice them to drink their fill. Sex is just way too much fun to be ignored for years at a time!

What’s a woman to do?

The first and most important strategy that love-starved wives should follow is to break with the old routine. Toss the old, get a sitter, and have date night every third Saturday of the month. Change up the schedule, a lot! Invite your husband to lunch at a swanky hotel and then skip lunch. If his appetite isn’t sated, order room service.

Try having sex in a new location in your home, like the hallway, the dining room table, or the kitchen. Use any means at hand for further stimulation. Kitchen drawers can provide an almost infinite variety of tools and small appliances that are both fun and pleasurable. You’d be amazed what you can accomplish with an egg beater or spatula. Make sure to wash them thoroughly when you’re done.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Remember, if you’re running around the kitchen screaming for more, your husband is bound to be turned on. Don’t just stick to the gadgets in the cupboards and drawers. The contents of your refrigerator can also supply you with some daring and provocative turn-ons for your malcontented husband.

Try some whipped cream, chocolate sauce, or honey. If you’re not into sweet and sticky things, you might fancy a bit of salsa, sour cream, or even a dash of Tabasco. Ice cubes can be very effective in lovemaking when applied to the more sensitive body parts. Heat him up and then cool him off. Then repeat the process as needed until done.

So you’d rather stick with more conventional adult toys?

The above suggestions are designed for cost-conscious couples who are happy to improvise and may be on a limited budget. They are also things that are easily adapted for those who wish to be more spontaneous in their approach to lovemaking. Spontaneity is also an important element in reinvigorating a couple’s sex life. Sex shouldn’t always have to be planned. Really good sex often just happens!

If you’re looking for ideas to stimulate your man, or yourself for that matter, take a trip down to your local adult bookstore. Go together. You’ll be amazed at the things they have for sale these days. Sure, there are dildos in every size, shape, and form, but there also some amazing creams, potions, and gels that can be applied during sex and are guaranteed to heighten your passions.

Should I change myself to please my husband?

You don’t have to change completely but you should be willing to try something new, something alluring, something daring, or something provocative. Men like to fantasize about being with different women. Depending on your manner and costume (or lack of a costume) you can be whoever your husband wants you to be.

Men like to be teased. If he’s in a hurry, slow him down. Take your time in arousing him. If he gets too excited, back off and wait a bit, then slowly start in again. Leave your man wanting more, and more. Take control of his pleasure. And don’t give him what he wants until you get what you need.

Show your husband exactly what pleasures you. Take his hands and guide him. One of the most erotic things for a man is to watch a woman getting herself off. Do it, and don’t let him touch you while you’re doing it. Watch him masturbate while he enjoys a porno flick or just imagines a fantasy encounter. Masturbate together. Make sure you time your orgasms so you come together.

What else can I do?

Speaking of fantasies, check out the local costume shops or thrift stores for dress-up days. Try a role play session. Find out what his innermost fantasies are and who he has really wanted to fuck. Then be that person for him. Does he want to do the cute waitress at the diner? How about the secretary in the next office, or does he still fantasize about his college Lit professor?

You can be any or all of those people with a little effort. The best part is that you’re ready, willing, and able to get him off right then and there. We doubt if Professor Jones was ever really interested!

Be a hooker for him. Talk dirty and tell him what you’re going to do to him and how he’s going to pay you back. When you’re finished and he’s fallen into an exhausted sleep, take all his money out of his wallet and have yourself a shopping spree. You’ve earned it!