True Love: Is It Real?

Old Fashioned Woman Drinking a MartiniWhether you feel like you have been in love before or you are still struggling to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, you may be wondering whether true love is a real thing. The word love is used often for a number of things so it is sometimes difficult to define what true love really is.

You may love chocolate, but obviously this is a completely different type of love than romantic love. Love in relationships is the hardest to really identify and it can be very confusing. Fortunately, there is such a thing as true love, but there are many different aspects to it.

Is true love a feeling?

When you love, whether it is an inanimate object, activity, or another person, there are feelings associated with it. However, feelings do not determine true love, even though it may seem like it.

When you experience true love, you will experience many feelings such as elation, heartache, happiness, sadness, and anger. When you can have all of these feelings with someone and you still want them in your life, this is a sign of true love. You can’t define love by one feeling only, especially the positive ones.

Are you able to be yourself?

True love is when you can be yourself around your significant other, and vice versa. If you are trying to change something to either impress the other or be who they want you to be, it is not true love.

Most couples do not love everything about the other person. A person who truly loves you will love you in spite of the things that drive him or her crazy. If you are with someone who doesn’t accept you for you, it is time to move on.

When searching to find true love, this is a crucial time to show your true self. If you attract someone for lies that you told, your real personality will eventually emerge and there is a good chance that you will lose that person. Even if you don’t completely lose him, there is a good chance that there will be a lack of trust throughout the relationship.

Do you have an emotional connection?

Some people define love by sex, and this is wrong. True love goes much deeper and having a strong connection on an emotional level is part of it. You should both be able to feel vulnerable around the other and share fears and concerns without feeling judged.

Although men and women view emotional connection differently, there should still be emotional support and caring between the two of you. This will help you get through the difficult times in life, and you are guaranteed to have hard times. Being able to deal with them together is another sign of true love.

Do you have common values and goals?

In order for true love to be there and to last, a couple needs to have general goals and values in common. If one person wants to live in the city and the other in the country, the relationship will probably not last.

If you plan on having kids, having shared values is very important. You need to agree on how to raise them in terms of healthcare, schooling, and discipline. Having a united front will also strengthen your bond as a couple.

Although you probably don’t have exactly the same goals, you should be able to talk about them and compromise. They should be similar enough to continue through life together without big fights or resentment on either side.

Is your love unconditional?

One sign of true love is that it is unconditional. This means that your partner will love you and stand by your side no matter what. You may make mistakes, you may not do what your partner wants, you may have a bad hair day, you may be especially irritable one day, and the list goes on.

When there is true love, your partner is still there, even through the bad times. This doesn’t mean, however, that your partner will not have moments when he or she is mad or irritated towards you. These are natural feelings and reactions. The key is that this person still loves you and will stand by your side over the long term.

Are you keeping an open mind?

If you are looking for true love, it is important to keep your mind open for possibilities. You may think that there is a certain type of person out there for you, but your true love may be someone completely unexpected. In fact, it may be someone right under your nose who you have ignored as an option.

Being attracted to the other person is important, but attraction comes from more than just looks. You may find yourself attracted to someone you would never picture yourself physically with but with whom you feel a connection.

When you keep your mind open and don’t judge, finding true love is a real possibility.