The Most Hated Man in America? We Love Him

Man Drinking Cheaper AlcoholWho could love a man that, tongue-in-cheek, claims to be the most hated man in America―a man whose business motto is “Life is short; have an affair!”? This is a man who promotes infidelity by offering both men and women unlimited opportunities to cheat on their mates, spouses, and significant others without getting caught! The answer is that millions of people love this man, Noel Biderman!

Biderman’s Internet-based company, Ashley Madison, is arguably the most successful member site used for finding extramarital affairs and fellow cheating partners. Currently, Ashley Madison boasts more than 19 million members in 27 different countries. As Biderman himself says, his site doesn’t try to convince people to have affairs. Ashley Madison simply provides its members with opportunity, refusing to pass judgment on those who willingly participate.

Ashley Madison Geared towards Women

Ashley Madison was formed in 2001. When it was decided that the new business would focus on women rather than men, the company name was formed by combining the two most popular names for baby girls at that time. Giving the website a feminine look and appeal was crucial to its imminent success, attracting surprising numbers of women from all sectors of society.

Night clubs sponsor Ladies Nights for much the same reason. If the women come, the men will surely follow; throwing money across the counter in the hopes of hooking up. Biderman believes that he is providing an invaluable service because people are going to have affairs whether society approves or not. The more traditional ways of meeting people for affairs were simply ineffective.

Having a secret tryst with a co-worker, neighbor, or friend is dangerous for both parties. And, for different reasons, hook-ups in bars or strip clubs are also problematic. Ashley Madison capitalizes on the overwhelming success of Internet dating with a site focused on bringing together like-minded adults for a single purpose. The company did well from its beginning, but since Noel Biderman took over as President and CEO in 2007, Ashley Madison has grown by 300%.

Noel Biderman, an Astute Businessman

Noel Biderman, now 41, is a native of Canada and currently lives in Toronto. Before plunging into the world of online dating and infidelity, Biderman was a successful sports attorney. He served as Managing Director of Interperformances, Incorporated, one of the largest sports management companies in North America and Europe. He was also personally responsible for managing 45 world class athletes.

As the Internet grew in popularity, Biderman was quick to recognize its tremendous business potential. Changing career paths, he started a successful run with several top dot-com companies including Homestore Inc., which later became This project introduced the U.S.-based model into Canada. Biderman was also the creative head of Worldproperties, Inc., a multi-lingual international site that represents more than two dozen global real estate associations.

During his tenure at Ashley Madison, Noel Biderman has become a celebrity, appearing on numerous talk shows, both liberal and conservative, from Howard Stern to Sean Hannity. Sometimes named as the “King of Infidelity,” Biderman has even authored a book entitled, “Cheaters Prosper: How Infidelity Will Save the Modern Marriage.”

A Global Double Standard

Despite public outcries and consistent challenges from a variety of religious and political groups, Noel Biderman sticks to his guns. He believes that people who want to have an affair should know that they are not alone and that their desires for sexual encounters outside of their marriages or other relationships are normal and natural for human beings. Biderman then simply provides a forum for those who are willing to meet, discreetly and clandestinely.

Those who protest and rally against his site are wrong, Biderman proclaims. Asked how he would feel if he found out that his own wife was a member of Ashley Madison, he said he would be “devastated.” However, Biderman then added that he wouldn’t blame a website or an inanimate object for his wife’s infidelity.

The New Morality

Biderman cites the changing fabric of our global society for creating the demand for his website and setting new standards in social and sexual interactions. Women behave differently now than in the past, which now provides the justification for having created a female-centered brand with Ashley Madison. Research shows that, once women entered the workplace in significant numbers, they became more independent, interacting with many more people outside of the home.

Once the obstacles and limitations on women in the workplace were removed, they started behaving much more like men; initiating contact and expressing their own intimate needs and desires. Changing societal attitudes towards gays, lesbians, and bisexual and transgender individuals have also opened the door for more sites like Ashley Madison, which offers users almost any kind of encounter they might enjoy.

There is no denying that Noel Biderman and his Ashley Madison website provide millions of consumers with erotic pleasure and the enjoyment of traditionally “forbidden fruits.” While his specialty is infidelity, Biderman claims that many of his clients participate with their spouse’s knowledge and support. Singles or couples may enjoy any manner of sexual encounter, at any level of commitment. Welcome to the new morality!