The Fuck Buddy Concept – Can It Really Work?

Man Holding Woman's LegsAlmost three thousand years ago, King Solomon was heard to say something to the effect that there just wasn’t anything new under the sun. These few lines from the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes are quite appropriate when discussing the latest variation of a very old theme. By coincidence, this is also known as the world’s oldest profession, prostitution, which predates even Solomon’s words of wisdom.

In Solomon’s day, concubines and prostitutes were quite common. Biblical kings and other men of substance knew many women. Some had multiple wives, while others kept harems full of young lovelies who were available at their beck and call. Asian princes, too, were known to sire many children by different women, all kept within the same household. Sleeping with servants was a casual pastime for many landed nobles.

Why prostitutes?

Simply stated, prostitution exists to satisfy a portion of society’s basic need for sexual gratification. In other words, as demand for sexual contacts outside of traditional relationships is consistently high, a supply of willing accomplices is readily available.

Prostitution was not only legal in most ancient cultures, but Madams were often elevated to positions of prestige in their societies. The more desirable girls and, yes, young men, were often showered with riches and taken into the homes of their well-to-do patrons. Such is not the case in the more puritanical culture of 21st-century America.

Owing to the freedom and anonymity that the Internet provides, fuck buddies are now available to provide casual sexual services to the many ready, willing, and able adult Americans. The only criteria are Internet access, a little spare cash, and the ability to keep the names of your sexual liaisons to yourself.

Are fuck buddies prostitutes?

No, fuck buddies are not prostitutes in the traditional sense. Prostitutes, both male and female, earn a living from selling sexual favors to acquaintances and passing strangers. In this day and age, prostitutes rarely work out of a fixed location, preferring to ply their trade in back alleys and dark motel rooms.

Prostitutes often use a manager or pimp to procure tricks (solicit clients). The pimp collects fees and is usually responsible to protect the prostitutes under their charge, as well as see to their basic needs of food and shelter. Since prostitution is illegal in all but a few isolated locations in the U.S., those engaged in this business activity are considered to be criminals, including average citizens who patronize these unlawful purveyors of sex.

So, what are fuck buddies?

Fuck buddies are average, everyday folks like you and me, but with large sexual appetites that include having multiple sexual encounters with casual strangers. These hookups are arranged through member websites such as,, and one of the better known sites,

These hook-up websites cater to adult men and women who are generally married or involved in committed relationships. Rather than paying each other for sexual pleasures, the participants all pay the website to make connections and find sexual matches based on each client’s sexual preferences and proclivities.

Do dating sites really work?

No, in fact dating sites do not work nearly as often as savvy marketers would have us believe. According to CBS News, scientists have determined that so-called special matching mathematical algorithms don’t really work.

In fact, this $2 billion business that is fueled on hopefulness is not backed up at all by scientific fact. Despite the ups and downs of dating sites, Internet matchmaking is here to stay. Finding a compatible life partner remains a difficult and time-consuming task not likely to be resolved by searching out prospects online.

Are hook-up sites dating sites?

No, hook-up sites are not interested in finding their clients true love, only casual sex, a much easier task, or so it would seem. For as little as $20 or $30 a month, client members can enjoy a virtual feast of available male and female fuck buddies.

Finding a fuck buddy―a willing, one-time, anonymous sexual partner―appears to be a far more successful enterprise than traditional dating sites, having become increasingly popular in recent years. As one example, the Ashley Madison website now boasts more than 19 million members in more than 27 countries.

What are the rules for fuck buddies?

Rules, what rules? Seriously, the main rule of the hook-up websites is confidentiality. Ads promise that they very well may hook you up with someone you know, the wife or husband of a neighbor or friend or someone you work with. The only request is that you never divulge the name of your secret fuck buddy.

Noel Biderman, founder of Ashley Madison and often called the most hated man in America for his blatant promotion of marital infidelity, says that this is a better system than looking for casual hook-ups in bars and night clubs. Agreeing to secret trysts online actually helps preserve marriages, Biderman claims. There’s less chance of getting caught! Does the fuck buddy concept really work? Fuck yeah!!

The Fuck Buddy Concept – Can It Really Work?