Should I Bring My Girlfriend to a Strip Club?

You’re out with the guys one night, trying to figure out what to do, and somehow you all end up at a strip club. The girls are a mixed bag, with some not-so-attractive and some pretty-darn-hot, and you’re all having a good time, drinking and hollering fresh remarks. As you’re looking around for the waitress to order another beer, you notice a couple in the corner.

They seem to be having a good time too, with the girl checking out the strippers and whispering things in the guy’s ear that make him laugh. “Wow,” you think. It’s something you don’t see a lot, but it’s left you wondering: “Should I bring my girlfriend to a strip club?

Why Would You Bring Your Girlfriend to a Strip Club?

Before you even ask your girlfriend to come to a strip club with you, think about the intentions behind the invitation. For what purpose would you bring your girlfriend to a strip club? Do you simply want to show her what it’s like because she’s never been to one? Are you trying to make her believe it really is just harmless fun? Are you curious what her reaction will be, testing her to see how far she’ll go?

Perhaps you’re using the night out as a way to edge more easily into the “wanna have a threesome?” issue that you’ve been afraid of bringing up. Or perhaps you really enjoy your girlfriend’s dry wit and sarcastic comments and just think that having her come with you one night would be a lot of fun. After all, you want to see if she also thinks that Tessa the Tease looks a little like her sister — you think the resemblance is uncanny, and a little disturbing.

What Kind of Person is Your Girlfriend?

If you know your girlfriend well enough to ask her to a strip club, then you should know her well enough to determine whether she’ll be insulted or angry at your invitation. If she went to an all-girl’s college and majored in Chick Lit, you can be pretty sure that the mere question will leave her angry at you for days. She most likely views strip clubs as demeaning to women, the men that go to them as perverts and enablers, and the strippers themselves as lambs in need of salvation.

If she tends to be shy, she might be coaxed into going with you, but be prepared for her to be embarrassed and ask to go home after only a few minutes. Then she’ll wonder, either aloud or to herself, whether those strippers are the kind of woman you really prefer and how could you be happy with her. Your relationship will go downhill from there.

However, if you have a girlfriend with a little bit of a fun and wild side, then she might find this kind of night out intriguing. Just be forewarned: if she wears something even more provocative then the strippers, your girlfriend might become the focus of the catcalls and whistles. One a woman steps on strip club property all rules are off and many guys think any woman in the club is fair game — whether it’s a stripper, the bouncer, the manager, or somebody else’s date.

Furthermore, if they seem a little overly familiar with your girlfriend, calling her “Sexy Sandy” and telling her it’s good to see her again and asking where she’s been, then you probably need to have a conversation with her. What did she not tell about her previous career?!

Would Your Friends Mind?

If you’re planning on asking your girlfriend to come out to the club with the rest of your guy friends, you should definitely check with them first. Typically, strip clubs are a “guy thing” and breaking the guy code is not a cool things to do. Guys aren’t usually on their best behavior at strip club. Your friends will likely be pissed off at you for even asking such a stupid question. You’re obviously violating a guy’s code when you bring a girl along to a strip club. They’ll likely grumble that you’re “whipped” if you can’t do without the “ball and chain” for one night.

Face it: If your girlfriend’s there, they might as well all bring their girlfriends and wives too, because they won’t be having much fun anyway. In fact, why bother with the strip club at all–why not just take the women to the latest tearjerker at the movies, so you can truly be miserable. At least you’ll be making them happy, and a happy girlfriend in a romantic mood is bound to lead to a happy ending to the night for you both.