Online Dating Profiles – Do People Lie?

If you are looking for love online, you may be wondering if people lie on their online dating profiles. Although there are some (maybe a dozen) using dating sites who are completely honest, the majority of people lie in some way or the other.

Some of the lies told on online dating sites are small ones, while others may be major. The key to navigating online dating is to not necessarily believe everything you read or see, and go into a date with an open mind. Finding someone to date is tough enough so you need to decide whether the lie told is big enough to move on or if it is forgivable to a point to allow you to explore a relationship further.

How Common is Lying on Online Dating Profiles?

Unfortunately, lying on online dating profiles is more common than not. It is estimated that over 90% of online users lie about something. Some profiles are filled with lies, while others contain only a couple minor ones.

What Do People Lie About?

The lies on dating profiles can vary quite a bit, as each user has a different opinion about what others deem as being important. There do seem to be a few common themes that many choose to fudge the truth about, however.


How one looks is probably the biggest lie in Internet dating. Women tend to lie about how much they weigh or the body type that they have, such as thin, athletic, or curvy. Men tend to lie about their weight as well, along with how tall they are. Although it may seem that lying about looks would be hard to pull off, as most profiles are accompanied by photos, there are ways that users get around showing their true body profile. Some will post pictures that were taken years ago, when they were thinner. Others will only post pictures of their face, which keeps their body type and height a secret for you to discover when you meet in person. In rare cases, they may even post a picture that isn’t even their own.


Lying about a job or occupation is also common, especially for men. The lies often have to do with how much money they make or their position in the company. Some may lie about having a job at all, when they are actually unemployed at the time.


How old someone is may be the most common lie. Some feel that once they are past a certain age their desirability goes down drastically, so they list an age younger than they actually are.

Exercise and Activities

Hobbies and interests are sometimes lied about, while others just stretch the truth. Someone may say that they enjoy hiking, when in reality the last time they went was five years ago and it was a mile-long hike through a park with paved trails. Or they may say that they enjoy fine wine, but the truth is that they only drink cheap jugs of White Zinfandel.


Personality is another thing about which people lie. Be wary if someone says that they have a great sense of humor. More than likely if they think they are that funny, they aren’t.

Why Do People Lie on Dating Profiles?

In most cases, the reason people lie is to make a good first impression and attract more prospects. Some people are embarrassed about certain aspects of their lives and will embellish or lie about them to make themselves feel better about who they are.

In some instances, such as with weight, people may not feel like they are really lying. Perhaps they plan to lose weight and be their desired size by the time they actually have a face-to-face date with someone. Unfortunately, this does not usually happen.

How Can You Filter The Lies?

Because the majority of online daters lie on their profiles, the best thing you can do is expect that what you read is not exactly what you will get. If you see someone who you are interested in, take a chance and meet them.

To ease any pressure, plan on a shorter date such as coffee or a drink and meet them there. That way, if you find out that this person is not who you expected, you can make a quick getaway without too much discomfort. It also helps to have a backup plan, such as meeting friends for dinner afterwards. Then you have an excuse to leave but can also change the plans at the last minute if you are having a good time.

You may also find that, even though the other person said some little white lies, you don’t mind because there are so many other good qualities that you appreciate. Plus, if you are one of the 90% and did some lying of your own, you don’t have the right to judge too harshly.

Dating can be fun. It’s worth giving it a chance, even if it means putting up with some of the lies you find online. Of course, if a potential describes themselves as a serial killer you may want to skip that one.