How to Score on Your First Date

If a guy tells you that he wouldn’t sleep with a hot girl on a first date, chances are he’s a liar or he’s never had the opportunity. Then again, there are dudes who are morally opposed to getting down and dirty on the first date, but most of them are only against it when it doesn’t involve them.

While getting action the first night you hang out with a woman is definitely possible, convincing her to do the funky deed is often no easy task. Of course, if you’re a woman who thinks she needs to research on how to score on the first date, don’t waste your time. Most women will have a tougher time hailing a taxi than getting a man into bed.

Make Sure You Don’t Smell

One of the fastest ways you can get a women thinking about her exit strategy on a date, rather than riding you into the sunset, is to show up with BO or bad breath. Unlike a lot of guys who enjoy swapping farts with their best buddies, most women prefer their men to smell, you know, nice. Think about it this way: Although the vast majority of men would still have sex with a supermodel who hasn’t showered in a month, they might–just might–think twice about it.

Of course, you also dramatically improve your chances of scoring on the first date if you show up wearing some fashionable and clean clothes. While not every woman is into dating Mr. GQ necessarily, you’ll probably have a much better chance of seducing her if you’re not wearing a yellow, pit-stained t-shirt and hand-me-down sweatpants.

Wear Clean and Nice Underwear

Although you’ll need to lay the groundwork before she see even sees your undies, if you’re not wearing a clean or new pair of underwear, your chances of going all the way could quickly evaporate. While a lot of guys don’t mind wearing ratty boxers that are ten years old and held together by three cotton fibers, most women aren’t exactly turned on by briefs that a homeless dude might pass on.

In other words, by wearing some new and even sexy underwear, you’ll greatly improve your chances that things will progress beyond the foreplay stage. Remember, fair is fair; a woman isn’t so darn sexy after all if you discover she’s wearing granny panties!

Choose Your Partner Wisely

Learning how to score on the first date involves picking the right partner. This means a woman who is actually interested in sex and enjoys having it! While some guys might enjoy the challenge of trying to convince a nun to abandon her vows of chastity, trying to get laid by one is like trying to ford a raging river with no paddle. It could happen, but you’ll likely need a miracle.

If you’re out on a first date and your hot-to-trot meter starts running overtime, be sure to ask a few questions about her family, upbringing, and dating history. If during the date she tells you she’s waiting for marriage before she has sex, and that she can’t stand dudes who don’t listen, plan on taking a cold shower when you go home… alone.

If she just got out of a serious or long-term relationship, then put the brakes on and carefully assess the situation. While some women are looking to have some fun in the sack after a nasty breakup or divorce–particularly if their ex was a controlling jerk–others may not be looking to get intimate just yet.

Avoid Nasty Venues

If your idea of a romantic date is a stopover at the local convenience store to grab a couple of three-week old hotdogs and a six-pack of beer, don’t plan on getting any action in the parking lot afterwards. While most men can’t wait to get the dinner or movie over with so they can start talking their way into a girl’s pants, most women like to actually enjoy themselves on the first date before they start thinking about getting physical.

Show her a good time by taking her to a nice restaurant, interesting event, or beautiful location outdoors. While you’re hanging out, get to know her and make sure she’s enjoying herself. The more considerate and caring you are, the more likely she’ll be interested in inviting you over to her place where some hanky panky can occur.

Play It Cool

If you want to score on the first date, play it cool and don’t try so hard. The vast majority of women have no interest in having sex with some grabby and greasy dude who is desperately trying to get laid. It’s important to remember that most women have heard it all in terms of pick-up lines and come-ons, so chances are they’ll see right through your agenda if you try too hard. In other words, if they’ve spent any time at a nightclub, bar, or grocery store … they’ve already heard the whole “I’m not like other guys” shtick.

In addition, it’s important to remember that you can still have plenty of fun on a first date without scoring a home run. If you’re rounding second or third base but get to the stop sign, count your blessings and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Chances are you’ll have plenty more opportunities to score on future dates.