How Many is Too Many?

When determining the acceptable limit on sleeping around, a lot of factors need to be considered. Whether or not you’re in a committed relationship, your age, health, schedule – all are things that will affect your final number. Of course, beyond all that is your attitude and personality – some people are players, some are not.

How Does Your Relationship Status Affect Your # of Partners?

If you have no illusions about being in a relationship of any kind, then game on. You can pretty much find a new partner every night as long as they’re willing, you’ve taken your vitamins, and you’re not affected by any other concerns. If you’re in an open relationship, you can play around, but there will be rules and limits that you and your partner agree upon ahead of time.

If you’re in a supposedly monogamous relationship, you shouldn’t really be sleeping around at all, now should you? And we all know that people in monogamous relationships don’t cheat, right? Well, they do, and when they do, there’s an old saying that goes something like “If one’s not enough, a thousand’s not too many.”

Trying Not to Get Caught – How Many is Too Many?

If you’re in that monogamous relationship, you have a few concerns that other people don’t. Chief among your concerns is getting caught. It’s kind of like watching a juggler — when they have more balls in the air than they can handle, some are going to fall. If a man gets caught cheating on his wife or girlfriend, he should definitely be worried about losing his balls.

Getting caught can also be a concern for the non-monogamous player who just has his hookups too close together. There’s nothing quite like that feeling when you’re on your way out of the club with Miss Thursday and Miss Wednesday Night spots you at the door and asks if your bruises have healed yet. Of course if you’re really a player, you might be able to parlay that into an amateur porno scene but really, how many can pull that off?

The logistics of keeping a hookup secret can be quite taxing, especially if you live with the person you’re trying to keep it from. People might go to the extremes of multiple cell phones, email accounts, social networking pages, or even mailing addresses to keep their double life a secret. The more hookups, the more tracks to cover. Who has the time?

Health Reasons – How Many is Too Many?

They say that when you have sex with someone, you’re having sex with everyone they ever had sex with, too. Let that nauseating thought turn in your mind for a moment. Now how many sex partners are too many? The big fear with so many partners is naturally sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Using condoms, dental dams, and other barrier devices can greatly reduce your risk of sexually transmitted disease, but accidents do happen. Protected or not, avoiding STDs is a numbers game. Every partner you have increases your chances of getting the gift that keeps on giving.

Another health concern, particularly for older people who like to sleep around, is the heart attack. Many a person has boldly proclaimed that they want to leave this world in the throes of passion with a beautiful partner. Kind of sucks for the partner though, doesn’t it? Before you go on your quest to have 30 hookups in 30 days, you might just want to have your doctor clear you for strenuous activity first.

Financial Concerns – How Many Can You Handle?

Here’s a news flash: “Sex costs money.” If you’re a man, you’re expected to at least buy a drink or two, probably dinner and transportation, and quite possibly get a room, as well. This is after spending whatever you have to on clothes, cologne, and whatever else it takes to convince a half-drunk partner that you’re reasonably attractive and worth hooking up with.

For women – even women who adhere to the traditional dating model of letting the man pay for everything – the expenses of sex can be enormous. There’s the outfit, the shoes, the makeup, the hair, the jewelry (looking beautiful costs money). Then there’s birth control. No woman who isn’t just off the bus from Podunk, Nebraska would ever be gullible enough to believe that a man would actually be prepared and have a functioning method of birth control with him.

With all of these expenses in mind, having fewer partners just makes good financial sense. With each new partner, you’re basically starting at square one, with the wining and dining and primping and posing to try to win each other’s affection. When repeating with the same partner, you can forego some of the formalities and get down to the nitty gritty.

Sleeping around can be fun, but as Dirty Harry once said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” By keeping in mind your relationship status, need for discretion, health concerns, and budgetary restrictions, you should be able to get a solid idea of how many hookups you can really get away with.