Do Rich People Have More Affairs?

Yeah, probably! Rich people have more of many things. If I were a rich man, bada bida bada bum, I’d fill my yard with ducks and turkeys and geese? Hell, no!! I’d fill my bedroom with young and beautiful women, or men, or both as my sexual orientation and personal preferences might proscribe. Of course that’s not all I’d do if I were rich, but it would certainly be a good start!

With money comes power, and sometimes fame as well. Women are attracted to powerful and successful men, so much so that they are often able to overlook, how shall we say, their men’s indiscretions. Since before recorded history, prominent men in the tribal community were free to stray from their wives.

Sex has always been a powerful force. Clan leaders were known to bed other women right under the noses of their mates. Taking the young servant girl or handmaiden to the master’s bed was expected. Rich men of old would do the deed in their own cave or tent or under their own roof, and if their wives weren’t in attendance, they were certainly nearby.

Why get married at all?

Rich people mostly get married for the same reasons that the rest of us do. In the higher echelons of society, it is especially important for a noble or landed family to bear progeny―sons and daughters who will carry on the family name, empire, business, or what have you. But beyond the simple act of procreation lie extremely strong and powerful drives.

Rich people are driven to succeed and, once they have achieved their financial goals, it is imperative that they maintain their fortunes. It is also of the utmost importance to maintain appearances. Rich people are expected to have an array of beautiful women and/or handsome men at their beck and call. Just ask yourself, what would Donald Trump be without a tall leggy blonde at his side? Just another middle-aged dude with a bad haircut!

For some, marriage is about power and prestige rather than loyalty and fidelity. Women may marry screen stars, iconic rock musicians, powerful political figures, and other celebrities for the status, knowing that these rich and powerful men are likely to stray from their marital beds, loudly and often. Just ask anyone who’s ever been married to a Kennedy!

Have well-to-do people always behaved like this?

In Biblical times, men of means―those with larger tents than their fellows and large flocks of sheep and goats―had many servants at their beck and call. The patriarchs of these families had a duty and obligation to support the members of their households. In turn, the servants were bonded to the house. In addition to their standard duties, servants were also expected to service the owners between the sheets.

In this system, a patrician might even have several children by women other than his wife that he was expected to support, all under the watchful eye of the rightful mistress of the house. By comparison, Biblical figures lived long and productive lives. In an era where the average life span was only 30 or 40 years, only the rich could afford the time to sleep around.

Are longer life spans the culprit?

Even if modern men and women don’t have a surplus of cash with which to buy their sexual conquests, they do have a wealth of time; a surplus of years unheard of until the last half century. Given time, almost all men and women at least contemplate having affairs. Experts maintain that the institution of marriage wasn’t designed to bear the constant pressure and sexual tensions placed on it.

Accepted standards and practices concerning sex and morality have changed dramatically in recent years. As health care improves and the average life span increases, men and women both are constantly challenged to remain faithful to a single spouse or mate. Experts argue that couples expecting romantic love as a lasting part of their relationships are sadly out of date and out of touch with 21st century mores.

Is there something wrong with me for wanting more?

No, there’s nothing wrong with you for wanting more spice and variety in your sex life. And you don’t have to be rich! The traditional societal rules regarding marriage are changing. What was clearly a benefit reserved for the rich, is now available for almost any man or woman seeking a bit of extra-marital bliss.

Having a wealth of time, and the ability to remain sexually active far later in life, gives Americans far more choices than ever before in history. It’s no wonder that marriage counseling and couples therapy began in the 1930s, when people discovered that their marriages just didn’t measure up to their own or to society’s expectations.

Today, we’re learning to deal more forthrightly and appropriately with our sexual urges. Men and women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transvestites are all beginning to live together in one large rainbow coalition. For the rest of you who as yet may be uninitiated in the new sexual revolution, don’t waste your time counting your money. Get on the Internet and get it on!