Do People Cheat More At Certain Times of the Year?

Young Woman AbroadThere are a lot of different schools of thought on the mating patterns of human beings. Some say that men and women tend to get more intimate in the wintertime, when there’s more reason to stay warm in bed and maybe generate a little extra heat under the covers. Others say that people become more amorous when the days get hot and more and more skin is revealed. Still others say that when spring is in the air, thoughts will turn romantic.

All of that is fine for traditional romance, but what about cheating? It stands to reason that attraction is attraction and lust is lust, so wouldn’t the patterns be the same? It turns out that they probably are, with a few minor exceptions.

When do most pregnancies start?

What does pregnancy have to do with adultery—surely nobody would have a baby with someone other than their spouse, right? It turns out that women are actually more likely to become pregnant from a lover than a spouse, even if they have less sex with the lover. It has to do with the strength and frequency of the orgasm and, if a woman needs a lover, chances are they are delivering more and better orgasms than her husband is. That means a cheating wife will be delivering more babies from her lover than her husband. reports that in 2010, more babies were born in September than any other month. If we count backwards nine months, that puts us right in the heart of winter: in the December to January range. This would appear to be one vote for winter being the season of cheating.

There is another wrinkle to this story, however. Psychology Today reports that men are more likely to cheat on their wives during pregnancy. It’s only fair, when you consider that their wives are probably carrying someone else’s child. At any rate, men are more likely to stray during the first or third trimester of pregnancy, which would equate to one more vote for winter cheating and one vote for late summer, early fall cheating.

Are married couples more likely to fight at different times of year?

It is generally accepted that couples fight the most during the holidays, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. There are numerous reasons for this and some evidence to support it. Of course, when there’s stress on your primary relationship, that’s when you’re more likely to look for satisfaction elsewhere.

The holidays often put a financial strain on a household, as there are usually many gifts to be bought and most companies, in the true spirit of the holidays, like to have layoffs at the end of the year. Most experts agree that when a couple breaks up, it is often for financial reasons.

Holidays also bring the stress of dealing with extended family. Whether it’s Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws or your creepy uncle coming to stay with you between Christmas and New Year’s, nothing brings out the worst in a relationship like family.

If you need proof that there’s more relationship stress during the holidays, you need look no further than the divorce rate. investigated the myth that more divorces happen after the holidays and found it to be true. Although the divorce proceedings themselves may not happen until summer, more new clients are acquired by divorce attorneys in January and February, right after the holiday stress.

Is it easier to cheat at different times of the year?

One major component to cheating is secrecy, and in general it’s a little easier to keep your anonymity in winter time than in summer. Let’s face it; if you’re walking down the street in a long trench coat with the collar up on a warm summer’s day, somebody is calling the cops.

In the winter, however, you can pretty much walk down the street with a ski mask and nobody will think anything of it, unless you’re in Miami or something. It also gets dark early in the winter, giving you a bit more anonymity under cover of darkness to meet your part-time lover.

Summers are generally busier domestically than winter. If you have kids, they’re off from school and you’re spending more time with them; maybe you’re even taking a family vacation out of town for a few weeks. There is more yard work and home improvements to be done. There is just more time to play around in the winter, in general.

Cheating is the ultimate case of desire meeting opportunity, and it can really happen anywhere, at any time. That being said, it would appear that winter affords the best opportunity, cause, and circumstances to allow people to cheat. The anecdotal evidence, through the timing of most pregnancies, would indicate that cheaters are taking advantage of their opportunities to warm up cold winter bedrooms, too. Springtime may be for lovers, but people in lust like it cold and dark.