Do Men and Women Cheat?

Having an affair or cheating on a partner happens more often than most people want to admit however how much do men and women really cheat? If you are worried that you may be the only one cheating then guess again. Almost anywhere you look there is bound to be someone who has cheated before!

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Do Men and Women cheat?

Almost every reason has been used to end a relationship or cheat on a partner including some of our favorites such as the improper elevation of the toilet seat, the stupid names she has for her puppy, or an inability to reach consensus on brands of coffee beans. However one of the main reasons to cheat has always been dissatisfaction in the bedroom. How many men and women cheat – well, let’s go over some stats of love and hate, fantasy and reality.

About 53% of folks will have at least one affair in their lifetime. The other 47% are denying their nature, since humans aren’t naturally monogamous.

60% of married men will have an affair during their marriage, compared to 50% of married women. (Knowing what percentage of those affairs are with other married people would probably cause the divorce rate to spike exponentially)

Will your Partner find out?

70% of married women say they didn’t know about their spouse’s extramarital affairs, while only 54% of married men say the same thing. Looks like ladies’ suspicions are strong, but guys’ certainty is stronger. (Or maybe lots of guys like to share their ladies. Knowing about it does not necessarily equal condemning it!)

Women are pretty perceptive about a cheating partner: about 85% of women were correct in their assumptions of their partner cheating, while only half of suspicious men were correct about their partner’s cheating. Those of you with female partners had better cover your tracks well, suggest an open relationship, or join the 47% of people who won’t have an extramarital affair. (At least not one they’ll tell a surveyor about.)

Common Fantasies for Men and Women

For men, common fantasies include sex with two women (two heads are better than one, after all) and bondage: for him and her! Men want to be tied up, smacked around a little, and talked dirty to, so shy ladies take note and read on.

Common fantasies for women are being a dominatrix (there’s some clear communication going on here between men and women, given the male bondage fantasy) and having sex with a stranger. Women like to shred their inhibitions just like men, and sometimes they feel the best way to do this is with some naughty no-strings-attached action. Bonus points if they get to spank the stranger.

Sexual fantasies for married couples include role playing (costumes aren’t just for Halloween, you know… especially all the sexy ones that are so rampant) and voyeurism (watching others engaged in sexual activity, whether it’s your own partner alone, another couple, or the desire to be watched by others).

Online Love

While just 31% of people have had an online conversation as a precursor to in-person sex, 38% of people have had explicit sexual exchanges online. So that 7% discrepancy is probably made up of people who couldn’t stop laughing at their partner’s poor attempt at cybersex.

50% of people have moved online conversations to the telephone. (Moans typed “mmmm” don’t really do it for most people.)

46% of men consider online affairs to be adultery, and a shocking 57% of people have used the Internet to flirtThat’s more than the amount of people who will cheat, for those keeping track!

75% of married people think visiting an adult website is perfectly fine. For themselves. But if their partners were to ever… just kidding.

Sex with Co-Workers .. Hell, Yeah!

75% of men say they’ve had sex with coworkers, compared to 65% of women. This statistic shows that intra-office booty may be legally risky, but it is verifiably hot.

According to Playboy, 2/3 of women and 3/4 of men admit to thinking sexually about people at work, so straighten that tie and smooth down that skirt: might as well look your best.

Is Flirting Cheating?

86% of men admit to regular flirtation with the opposite sex, while 5% fewer women admit to the same thing. “Admit” is the key word here, because, come on, everybody flirts.

The Real Public Opinions

Half of all Americans think former President Clinton’s infidelity simply puts his morals on par with the typical married man. It’s unclear whether this is an insult to the average married man or a compliment to Clinton.

61% of people think adultery should not be a crime (because most of them have already done it, supposedly), while 35% of responders do think it should be criminalized, and 4% of people have no opinion. (How can one not have an opinion on that? Perhaps they were asleep.)

People Lie

Up to 37% of men and 22% of women admit to having affairs. If you refer back to the first percentage, you’ll see that quite a few more people are simply lying.

90% of Americans believe adultery is morally wrong. And most of them don’t seem to care, if you look back at all these statistics.

17% of American divorces are the result of infidelity. The other 83% are the result of the horrible wreckage and destruction of the marriage following the infidelity. Okay, that’s an exaggeration.

About 10% of affairs only happen once. We swear. It only happened once. It’ll never happen again, honest.

To learn more about the lack of commitment so many people have, check out the full infographic above.

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