Thinking about having an affair? The choice can often be difficult but with the right partner and precautions having an affair can re-ignite your passion for life and more. Some people even say that having an affair was the best thing for helping their “full time” relationship!

If you are in a relationship however there is more to consider than whether or not your new friend will leave in the morning. Discretion is an absolute must for some people while others prefer to stay away from partners who may be too close to home and more. Some of the things you need to think about before having an affair are:

What are you looking for?

This is a very important question as having an affair can be complicated. Are you simply looking for some passion, wanting to fulfill a secret desire or just looking for someone to have fun with? Remember that having an affair doesn’t mean you have to be in an existing relationship. Lots of single women and men have affairs and in today’s world calling a romantic encounter “an affair” sounds a lot more professional than a hook up or one-night stand.  Of course, you probably want to avoid the “professionals” in your search for a partner but that’s another story for another website.

What is important to you?

Sometimes having an affair is exactly just that. A one-time affair where both parties leave having fulfilled some needs of each other.  This could be sexual, intellectual, physical or any number of things. However if you are looking for an affair to satisfy a great number of your desires than you are probably looking for more than a one night stand and/or most likely not in a relationship with the ideal soul mate.

How Important is Discretion?

This is an area where only you can be the judge. If the reasons for having an affair include things which you certainly don’t want to become public knowledge than you need to find ways to accomplish this. Although we have not studied the success rate of having affairs with co-workers, neighbors or friends of friends it’s probably safe to assume that the long term result is never good. Depending on your reasons for having an affair it’s very important to consider your need for discretion and take steps to maximize the amount of discretion required.

Can You Live With The Guilt?

Not everybody can have an affair. It takes a certain mindset to deal with (ignore) the natural guilt that can appear. You really need to understand how you have reacted to situations like this before. While having a discreet affair can certainly inspire some people to work harder at their full time relationship it can also destroy those with a very guilt conscience. Before doing anything take a good look in the mirror and understand who you are.

Discreet affairs are not for everyone but for those who can draw the line and find a partner who can also respect the same boundaries they can add quite the spice to your life.