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Should I Tell My Date About My Past Relationships?

Honesty is the best policy. Honesty and trust is the backbone of any relationship, right? But, to keep the clichés going, can you have too much of a good thing? Is there such a thing as too much honesty? While no one can truly escape his or her past–our pasts are what bring us to […]

Can I Date 2 People at the Same Time?

Ah…the stress, the miscommunication, the insecurity, the jealousy, the anger—who wouldn’t want to double up on dating? Okay, there are good things about dating two people, too. There’s variety, excitement, double the sex…Well really, we don’t need to look much further than that to find a reason, do we? When you’re dating, there is often […]

Do Women Always Have to Be Right?

There is an old saying that women are only right two-thirds of the time—the rest of the time they’re asleep. Of course, some may object to this as a sexist and largely inaccurate stereotype—most women believe they’re right when they’re sleeping, too. If you have ever seen a man and a woman argue (or been […]

Are All Women Gold Diggers?

If you watch too much reality television, it’s easy to get a very jaded perspective on people. For instance, if you watch “The Bachelor” or “Millionaire Matchmaker” or even the old show, “Joe Millionaire,” it would be easy to make the assumption that all women are gold diggers and all men are only interested in […]

Should I Have Sex With My Ex?

What is it about exes? You say goodbye—sometimes loudly—you move on to someone better-looking, smarter, and hornier, and you sincerely hope to never see them again. Even if you do run across them again, it won’t really matter because whatever you felt for them is gone and they don’t have any power over you, right? […]

How Much Should I Spend on a First Date?

The question of how much to spend on a first date certainly hasn’t changed much in recent memory, though many other dating do’s and don’ts have definitely changed over time. Indeed, in the 21st century, women no longer have to wait by the phone to be asked out; they have been equal on that score […]

15 Back Up Plans for a First Date

Nothing ever goes wrong on a first date, right? Nobody ever takes a girl to “Bob’s House of Barbecued Beef” only to find out that she’s a vegan, or takes someone to a concert only to discover that the opening act is the ex that they broke up with who is now doing a live […]

20 Key Elements of the Cheating Code

There are rules for everything including breaking the rules, so it should come as no surprise that for people who choose to cheat on their spouse or partner, there is still a code to be followed. Some of these rules are just about basic human decency and respect, while others are about covering your butt […]

20 “Bucket List” Sex Items Every Man Has

It was the comedian Larry Miller who once suggested that, if women really knew what men were thinking, they would never stop slapping us. He’s really not too far off, either. A man spends an awful lot of time thinking about sex, and you can imagine there are a lot of sex-related items on any […]

How Do I Tell My New Girl I’m Friends With My Ex?

If you are planning on telling your new girl that you are friends with your ex, tread carefully. This is something that can cause a lot of problems in a relationship and if you don’t handle it correctly, you may find yourself with another ex, and more than likely this one won’t stick around to […]

Why Are Lesbians So Attractive To Men?

Ask a woman what she thinks of two gay men having sex and the response might be anything from generally ambivalent acceptance to “Ewww.” Ask a man about two women having sex and the response will almost always invariably be “Can I watch?” Let’s face it: Lesbians are hot. Why are men so obsessed with […]

Why is Divorce Sex So Much Hotter?

All sex is clearly not created equal, even with the same partner. There are special-circumstance sex sessions that take it to another level, such as make-up sex, gratitude sex, wedding night sex, and a variety of other very specific types of sex that are more passionate, more satisfying, and just plain hotter than normal sex. […]

The Fuck Buddy Concept – Can It Really Work?

Almost three thousand years ago, King Solomon was heard to say something to the effect that there just wasn’t anything new under the sun. These few lines from the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes are quite appropriate when discussing the latest variation of a very old theme. By coincidence, this is also known as the […]

5 Ways to Seduce a Man

While we usually think of seduction as a male art, there are times when you’re the one who wants to take charge or set the mood. But if you’re used to him making the moves, how do you go about it? Of course, seducing a man usually isn’t that difficult. After all, we’ve all heard […]

5 Ways to Seduce a Woman

There’s no doubt about it, women are different than men. This is especially true when it comes to sexuality. What can turn on a man often won’t work for a woman. While lacy underwear might do it for you, she probably won’t react the same way to seeing you in a thong. They key lies […]

Establishing Rules for an Affair

When most people think of affairs, they picture a spontaneous, passionate tryst. It’s true that an affair may have moments like this―it may even start like this, in fact―but for an affair to continue, it needs to be built on a solid foundation like a regular relationship. That foundation will most likely need to include […]

25 Things to Do before a First Date

There are many motivating reasons to ask someone out on a date. Most objectives are rooted in social needs that include a basic human need for companionship. Dates are also motivated by romantic and sexual desires as well. Regardless of the reasons for asking someone out, it is important to carefully plan a first date […]

GFE, CIM, ATM – Am I On the Right Website?

So you’re checking out a new dating website and things seem sort of normal until you start finding terms you don’t recognize. Maybe it starts with GFE or CIM, but eventually you’re getting into BBBJTCNQNS and you’re wondering if you’ve accidentally stumbled into some kind of top secret government website. Congratulations, you’ve just found an […]