Are All Women Crazy?

In determining if all women are crazy, you first have to think about who you’re asking. If you ask a man, the answer, nine times out of ten, is a resounding “Yes”. If you’re asking women, the answer is more likely a resounding “Maybe.”

For some women, being crazy is almost a badge of honor—they admit it freely and with pride. It just adds to the feminine mystique. For others, they’re the sane ones and men are crazy. Most women do agree on one thing, though—if they are crazy, it’s at least partially the fault of men for driving them crazy.

Why do men think women are crazy?

The comedian, Sinbad, once remarried his ex-wife. He talked about it in his comedy routine, basically explaining that every woman he met out there was crazy, so he decided he was better off with the crazy he knew. Most men who have been married or in any kind of long-term relationship completely understand this logic.

Part of the reason for this prevailing male opinion is the inherent difference in the way male and female minds work. There are several differences between the male and female brain, but the most important, and often confusing, one has to deal with emotions. Women, as a rule, are more in touch with their emotions and more intuitive than men. That makes women sometimes appear to be illogical and just a bit crazy to men.

Another part of the reason that men tend to think women are crazy is that men are, well, simpler and more direct. If a man is upset because somebody took the last muffin, he’ll probably say “Hey put that down, I wanted that!” A woman, conversely, might let the person take the muffin, but then allow that event to color her interaction with that person or people in general for the rest of the day until finally she explodes about something completely unrelated.

Does motherhood make women crazy?

Have you ever told someone not to do something a thousand times and then watched them do it anyway? Have you ever worried about someone’s safety to the point of mental illness when that person doesn’t seem to be concerned about it at all? Have you ever screamed at someone nonstop for 15 minutes and then hugged them and told them that you loved them? Welcome to motherhood.

There’s nothing quite like children to turn a rational, functioning adult into a complete nutcase. Women get the worst of this deal. Even though gender roles in parenting have changed significantly over the years, mothers, on average, are still much more involved with their children’s lives than fathers, due in part to their natural maternal instincts. More involvement leads to greater connections and parental satisfaction, but it also leads to more stress, frustration, and conflict—all roads to craziness.

Does a woman’s biology make her crazy sometimes?

Okay, there’s no easy or politically correct way to put this—about every four weeks or so, some women go stark raving nuts. For men who don’t understand what women are going through, one comedian joked that for a man to know what it’s like to get a period, he would need to let his wife kick him in the crotch as hard as she can once every 30 days. Most women would agree that the comparison falls short.

Aside from menstruation cycles, women have another huge biological obstacle to contend with—the “change of life.” For some lucky women, menopause is a little bump in the road—an occasional hot flash, a change in sexual desires, and not much more. For others, it can mean almost a schizophrenic change in personality, severe depression, and a number of other mental issues. For a man who lived with a woman before and after menopause, it would be easy for them to think that the woman had gone crazy.

Do facts support the idea that women are crazy?

Sigmund Freud once put forth the theory that women were more likely to have neurosis because of self-aggression. Sigmund Freud was a man. You do the math. That being said, there are some facts that support the idea that there are at least more crazy women than men, depending on how you define crazy.

According to a survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), women are twice as likely to have a severe mental breakdown as men. Other data shows that women are also twice as likely to suffer from depression as men. That being said, there are still more men in mental hospitals than women (if you count V.A. hospitals).

The bottom line is that women may be crazier than men, or they may not. It’s all subjective, based on the perspective of the person making the judgment and the criteria that they use to define crazy. With children, biological issues, and men to deal with, along with the other eight million things that life can throw at you, it’s probably not terribly surprising if most women are just a little bit crazy.