5 Ways to Seduce a Woman

Woman at the BarThere’s no doubt about it, women are different than men. This is especially true when it comes to sexuality. What can turn on a man often won’t work for a woman. While lacy underwear might do it for you, she probably won’t react the same way to seeing you in a thong.

They key lies in the old adage: “Men give intimacy to get sex, while a woman gives sex to get intimacy.” What a woman wants is to feel intimate; to feel cherished. With that in mind, here are 5 ways to seduce a woman.

Make Her Feel Beautiful

No matter what she’s wearing, compliment her. Tell her how great she looks. Be specific if you can. Something like “Your butt looks fantastic in those jeans” means a lot more than, “You look nice.”

Try calling her by a nickname that reinforces this. When you call her, saying something like, “Hey, Beautiful!” or “Hi there, Gorgeous!” is just going to make her feel like she is beautiful – to you at least. And women who feel beautiful feel sexy.

If you’re going out in public, keep your eyes only on her. Most women are a bit insecure about the way they look, so if you’ve got a roving eye, that’s going to tell her that you think other women are more beautiful, more desirable than she is. Nothing throws cold water on her libido more than that.

Make Her Feel Important to You

Women like to share a lot of details that men just don’t always find that interesting. However, if you have any chances of the evening ending the way you hope, you need to listen to her. Really listen. Ask questions. If a woman feels that you’re only interested in one thing, and not in her, you can probably kiss that one thing goodbye.

The experts at WebMD.com remind us that a woman’s sexual desire begins primarily in her mind, not her body. Remember that intimacy she desires? Part of that is feeling a connection with the man she’s with. And that starts with getting to know one another. It’s difficult to think of a stronger aphrodisiac for a woman than a man who gets her.

Plan an Evening around Her

Not every woman has the same idea of what a romantic evening looks like. If she has a high-stress job, the last thing she may want is to have to spend more time in public on a night on the town. The loud music from the club might just bring on a migraine after a full day of meetings and negotiations or dealing with cranky clients.

Instead, go get takeout from her favorite restaurant and encourage her to change into yoga pants and a comfy shirt. Serve her a relaxing meal. Offer to give her a shoulder rub. Play relaxing music or vegetate in front of a comedy. Your basic goal is to let her unwind so that she can allow her mind to get in the mood.

If she is home taking care of small children all day, her idea of a romantic evening might be one where she gets to dress up, go to a restaurant where she doesn’t have to cut up anyone’s food for them, and enjoy some adult conversation.

It’s even more important that you plan this, down to getting someone to take care of the kids. If she has to take care of the details, you’ve lost the impact of her knowing that you cared enough about her to give her a special treat.

Touch Is Important

While men typically respond to visual stimulation, women respond more often to touch. The key is to keep it light. Hold her hand. Put your arm around her waist whenever possible. Don’t walk in front of her, but guide her with a bit of pressure at the small of her back.

If you kiss her, hold her face in your hands. You’ll be surprised at how these small touches can send a loud message: I love to touch you and I want to do more.

Massages are a great lead-in to even more intimate activities. To many women, this is just a form of foreplay, even on the shoulders and neck. There are even books you can buy that teach you how to give a good massage – well worth the investment.

The Relationship Is the Key

Keep in mind that everything you do to build your relationship will build up her desire for you. While there are certainly women who just want the physical, most are after more. They want that connection, that person who loves and cherishes them, who respects them and wants to be around them even outside of the bedroom.

That’s why a woman might find her husband irresistible when he’s fixing something that’s broken around the house. She appreciates that he is taking care of her by taking care of the house. So think about something that she’s been wanting, some dream she has, or something she’s been wanting to accomplish. Can you help her do this?

If you can, you’ll probably find a woman very willing to express her gratitude.