5 Ways to Seduce a Man

Man in the SunWhile we usually think of seduction as a male art, there are times when you’re the one who wants to take charge or set the mood. But if you’re used to him making the moves, how do you go about it?

Of course, seducing a man usually isn’t that difficult. After all, we’ve all heard that men think about and fantasize about sex far more often than women do. But if you want to make sure he’s getting the message, here are 5 ways to seduce the man in your life.

Dress the Part

While you certainly don’t have to look like someone who makes a living on the streets, how you dress can make your intentions perfectly clear. Cosmopolitan Magazine says that most men are visually stimulated.

So while this could mean pulling out the lacy lingerie, it could also mean dressing up. This is especially important if you are used to wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt all day. If he comes home to a wife in a skirt and a nice top, it will definitely send a message. Maybe even keep a couple of tops or dresses with a low neckline in the back of your closet for his-eyes-only occasions.

Don’t over look the power of under-dressing either. Maybe a completely sheer top you’d never wear outside the house is just the thing. You could even try the whole naked-except-for-a-smile routine too, though leaving a little bit of mystery can be even more powerful.

Do something different with your hair too. Maybe a sexy up-do or even a new color can catch his eye. The main goal here is to tantalize his senses.

Feed Him

While it is cliché to say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, it became cliché for a reason. Fill him up with his favorite foods and he’ll be putty in your hands. Make sure you are making or buying food he likes, and not chick food.

Don’t forget the bubbly! While too much alcohol could sabotage your plans, a nice glass of wine, a bit of champagne, or even his favorite beer can help him mellow out and get relaxed enough for anything.

If there are kids in the picture, make sure you feed them early and put them to bed so the two of you can enjoy a late dinner for two. A steak on the grill plus a few make-ahead sides and dessert will have your man wondering how he got so lucky to have you.

LiveStrong.com suggests including a combination of spicy and sweet foods for your guy. The chemicals this food combination releases in the bloodstream will having him feeling good, before you even get to dessert.

Let’s Get Physical

If your man has had a tough day, offer to rub his shoulders or give him a back massage. Maybe even offer to scrub him down in the tub or shower. If he likes to dance, turn on the music and ask. Or maybe you should ask him for a massage. Then strip off your shirt (see #1 above).

Or go for a more subtle approach. Press against him when he least expects it. Lean against his arm. Sometimes the sneak attack can get his libido’s gears spinning.

Whatever your guy likes, get into physical contact. It’s difficult for these touches not to go to the next level. Once you start touching, the likelihood is that he will want to touch more.

Tell Him

Even if he’s not around to whisper sweet nothings to all day, find ways to tease and flirt with him. If he can check a personal email account at work, send him enticing emails during the day to get him prepared for what you have planned for the evening. Send notes in his lunch or in his briefcase.

Once you’re together, let him know how attractive you find him, what you like that he does to you, or exactly what you want from him. Don’t flatter or gush, but express your attraction sincerely. Few men can resist an offer like this.

Don’t stop once the action starts. Keep telling him what you like and what you want from him next. Not only will this work to your advantage, but it will keep him all riled up as well.

Make Sure You Enjoy It

There’s nothing that pleases a man more than knowing he can sexually satisfy his woman. Since it sometimes takes a woman longer to get in the mood than a man, make sure you’re ready for him. Play romantic or sultry music. Plan out something inventive to do in the bedroom. Spend some time pampering yourself. Whatever you need to do, get yourself in the mood too.

Remember that sex is a primary way that a man shows a woman his connection to her, according to WebMD.com. When a man is feeling intimate and vulnerable, he expresses it with sex. By encouraging this, and letting him know how well he’s doing, he will be receptive to similar connections in the future – and maybe even to fixing that leaky faucet.