10 Bad Girls Every Guy Wants

Who doesn’t love a bad girl? Good guys and bad guys alike see bad girls and start to think about just how “bad” they might actually be, and how much fun that could translate into. A girl without rules is a girl without limits, and that gets the male imagination working overtime.

From the time when Mae West first invited us to come up and see her sometime, bad girls have been popular in movies and television. Now the scope of “bad girl” influence extends through music and modeling as well as a new category—the bad girl famous for being a bad girl.

Bad Girls of Television and Movies

When you think about the bad girls of movies, there have certainly been a few. Four of the ten bad girls that every guy wants can be found in the film and television industries, as a matter of fact.

Let’s start the discussion with Angelina Jolie, who is certainly beautiful enough to catch the attention of most men. She got most of her bad girl reputation when she was with bad boy Billy Bob Thornton, and they apparently did things like wearing vials of each other’s blood around their necks. A few bad girl movie roles as Lara Croft and secret agent Mrs. Smith help solidify her status as a desirable bad girl.

Winona Ryder started her career as a dark “Goth” girl in “Beetlejuice” and a bad girl in an asylum in “Girl Interrupted,” but then seemed to be on her way to becoming kind of a cute and lovable actress. All that changed with a criminal charge of shoplifting that put her solidly in the desirable bad girl category.

Lindsay Lohan is perhaps the poster child for the modern bad girl, with a history of drunk driving arrests, public intoxication, and well-publicized trips to rehab. Is it wrong that the fact that she used to make Disney movies just makes her turn to the dark side feel that that much more attractive? The only thing that gets a man’s imagination going more than a bad girl is a good girl gone bad. Now if only she would do a really naughty movie…

Shannen Doherty hasn’t done a porn movie…yet. She has, however done topless photo shoots for Playboy and made a real name for herself by playing bad girls on television. And, frankly, she’s known for having kind of a bad attitude in general in real life.

Bad Girls of Music

For the last decade or so, there’s probably been no more famous bad girl of music than Britney Spears. Whether substance abuse, questionable parenting, a general “trailer trash” lifestyle, or just forgetting to wear underwear in public, Britney always used to be good for some bad girl antics. These days, she’s calmed down a bit, though, so maybe wisdom does come with age.

The second bad girl in the music industry has almost outlived her bad girl status, but not quite. Lest people forget how bad Madonna was, remember that she used to run around in leather corsets with cones on her boobs and once released a book called “Sex.” Again, age and motherhood may have tamed her a bit, but she will always be a bad girl at heart.

When someone is the girlfriend of a rock-and-roll legend and that legend dies of a rather suspicious drug overdose, the girlfriend becomes a bad girl almost by default. Courtney Love took it to a whole new level, though. The former stripper solidified her bad girl status through constant battles with substance abuse, public bickering with other celebrities, and sleeping with a teddy bear filled with her beloved Kurt Cobain’s ashes.

Other Bad Girls

The last three of the ten bad girls that every guy wants are not really famous for movies, television, or music. Two are models and one is famous for, well, being a bad girl.

One could argue that Paris Hilton is an actress, especially if they’ve never seen her act. The bottom line, though, is that she didn’t have an acting career until a former boyfriend released a tape of her performing in a very intimate way. After that, she did everything she could to stoke her bad girl image with public bad behavior and even the requisite drug bust for possession of cocaine.

The next bad girl is one that not every man knows of, but if he’s seen her, he wants her. And she’s bad. Angie Sanclemente Valencia is a model from Argentina who became famous worldwide when she was arrested and accused of paying young women to smuggle cocaine from Argentina to England. Running a drug smuggling ring definitely qualifies someone as a bad girl, don’t you think?

Naomi Campbell is another model with a bad girl streak. Her most famous bad behavior involves assaulting an assistant with a cell phone. And let’s face it; she just looks like a bad girl. A hot, bad girl.

Ten bad girls–four actresses, three singers, two models, and one rich girl crying out for attention. What do they all have in common? Just about every guy wants them, at least for a little while.